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“Food and culture: stories of the past” – a review of 2 new publications

This year the ‘archaeology of food’ field has been enriched by several new publications. Dr Alexandra Livarda, co-editor with Dr Katheryn Twiss (Stony Brook University, New York) of the Elements Series ‘Archaeology of Food’ (Cambridge University Press), was invited to review two of these: Robyn E. Cutright. 2021. The story of food in the human past: how what we ate made us…
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Archaeozoology combined with GIS analyses to study ancient accumulations of animal bones

Dr. Lídia Colominas working on a Roman animal bone assemblage Animal bones from archaeological sites are the remnants of a wide range of activities. They are usually leftovers from domestic meat consumption, although they can also be butchery deposits; waste from activities linked to hide preparation; or ritual deposits, to name only some of the…
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How new technologies can help extract archaeological information from historical maps

British maps of modern Pakistan (left) and Syria (right) depicting thousands of potential archaeological sites inadvertently, as topographic anomalies; on purpose, using conventional sites or identified using toponymic references. Image credit: Arnau Garcia-Molsosa. New research using Deep Learning to extract archaeological information from collections of maps produced during the European colonization of South Asia and…
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