New book chapters! Advancing the study of the archaeology of the recent past in Greece

Dr Faidon Moudopoulos-Athanasiou recently published two chapters regarding the 19th century archaeology of the Zagori Cultural Landscape. In both contributions, a handful of upland practices are given specific ethnoarchaeological context, through the exploration of archival, ethnographic and archaeological evidence.

The first one is entitled “A dervish in Zagori: the forgotten materialities of the early moder period”. It is published in the collective volume “The monuments of the Others” edited by Prof. Dimitris Plantzos (University of Athens) (Athens: Nefeli, 2023). This chapter discusses the shifts in the management of upland pastures at Zagori through the example of a bektashi Muslim dervish herder who resided in the uplands of Mt. Tymphi during the 1830’s, and who left evident material traces in the landscape.

Full reference:
Moudopoulos-Athanasiou, F. 2023. A dervish in Zagori: the forgotten materialities of the early moder period. In Plantzos, D. (ed.) The monuments of the Others. Athens: Nefeli. Link to publication

The second retraces the history of pastoralism in the same mountain range. It discusses the impact of the aforementioned dervish and his practice in the mountains, contrasting it with the following advent of Sarakatsani nomadic pastoralists of the late 19th and 20th centuries. The chapter is entitled “The koulia of Hasani Baba in Zagori and Ottoman Archaeology”, published in the volume “Ottoman Monuments in Greece: heritages under negotiation“, edited by Assoc. Prof. Elias Kolovos (University of Crete), Asst. Prof. Georgios Pallis (University of Athens) and Asst. Prof. Panagiotis Poulos (University of Athens), and published by Kapon Publishers, Athens, 2023.

Full reference:
Moudopoulos-Athanasiou, F. 2023. The koulia of Hasani Baba in Zagori and Ottoman Archaeology. In Kolovos, E., Pallis, G., Pangiotis, P (eds.) Ottoman Monuments in Greece: heritages under negotiation. Kapon Publishers, Athens. Link to publication

Dr. Faidon Moudopoulos-Athanasiou is a postdoctoral fellow with the project Heritage under young forests: recording and interpreting the cultureal heritage underneath the afforested Zagori (NW Greece). Juan de la Cierva (FJC2021-047943-I), funded by the the Agencia Estatal de Investigación of the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, the European Union-NextGenerationEU in the context of the Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia.

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