Work with us

At GIAP we are excited about collaborations. We are looking forward to visit new study areas, learn new methods and meet new colleagues.

If you would like to pursue a research career or a training stay with us, please, do not hesitate to contact us at We have long experience in grant preparation and an exceptionally high success rate with national and European calls. We are prepared to guide you through the application process of a number of postgraduate and postdoctoral grants. Applications from female students/researchers are particularly welcome!

Show us your project, let us know what you would like to research, what we can teach you (or what we can learn from you) or how you would like to establish a collaboration. We are particularly interested in:

  • All things ‘landscapey’, including survey and archaeomorphology
  • Aegean archaeology
  • Mountain archaeology
  • Archaeological remote sensing and GIS applications
  • Machine and deep learning research and practical applications
  • Analysis of movement and potential mobility, routes and costs
  • Novel applications of spatial and social network analysis
  • Environmental archaeology and palaeoenvironment
  • Bioarchaeology (archaeobotany, charcoal and archaeozoology)
  • 3D reconstructions at all scales and virtual archaeology
  • Mediterranean archaeology from the Neolithic to the present
  • First complex societies and their environmental impact

We will also be publishing our collaboration opportunities in our news section, twitter and facebook. Stay tuned to our channels!