GIAP Seminars

The 2022 series of the GIAP Seminars has come to an end!

After a very successful second year, with 4 fantastic webinars by prominent speakers and more than 130 attendants, we’re now starting to plan the 2023 series. More information coming in autumn, stay tuned!

Keep reading to learn more about the GIAP Seminars and the past series:

Born in 2021, the GIAP Seminars are organised by our predoctoral and postdoctorals researchers as a reflection of their current research interests. We aim to provide glimpses of original and current research across the world, opening up new horizons in Landscape, Computational and Palaeoenvironmental Archaeology, and Bioarchaeology.

Regardless of career-stage or academic position, we invite prominent researchers that reflect the interdisciplinarity and diversity of the field. Overall, the GIAP Seminars are an excellent opportunity to foster talent, broaden interests and network.


1h monthly seminars: 45′ of talk and 15′ of discussion.
Main topics of interest: Landscape, Computational and Palaeoenvironmental Archaeology, and Bioarchaeology.


Addressed to researchers and students with interest in the listed topics. Open to the public.

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