Landscape Archaeology Research Group

"To those who know how to read it "aright", [the landscape] is the richest historical record we possess"
                                                                         W.G. Hoskins

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Latest News

We expand on remote sensing and geoarchaeology! GIAP awarded two more postdoctoral grants

In the picture: Francesc C. Conesa (left) and Alfredo Mayoral (right). Great news for our remote sensing and geoarchaeology lines of research! We celebrate that Francesc C. Conesa and Alfredo Mayoral[…]

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“Food and culture: stories of the past” – a review of 2 new publications

This year the ‘archaeology of food’ field has been enriched by several new publications. Dr Alexandra Livarda, co-editor with Dr Katheryn Twiss (Stony Brook University, New York) of the Elements Series ‘Archaeology of Food’ (Cambridge University[…]

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Involving high-school students in archaeology in the context of The European Researchers Night

Science will once again fill the streets, markets, and educational centers. The fourth edition of the European Research Night recovers the face-to-face activities in an edition still marked by the restrictions derived[…]

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