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"To those who know how to read it "aright", [the landscape] is the richest historical record we possess"
                                                                         W.G. Hoskins

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Stories from the wells: how the Roman wells of Guissona can shed new light on life in the past

Picture of the 2017 well in the Roman city of Iesso, outside the city wall. Picture courtesy of the Classical Archaeology team at UAB. Excavations in the Roman municipium of Iesso began more[…]

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Redrawing the interaction between prehistoric societies and volcanos, climate and palaeoenvironments in central France and

Figure 1. The Gergovie plateau from the ancient Sarliève Marsh, nowadays drained. Image by Alfredo Mayoral. A new study in the Sarliève marsh, recently published in Quaternary Science Reviews, redraws the[…]

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Mediterranean polyculture revisited: a re-examination of prehistoric cereals, grape and olive

Tomorrow, 16th November 2021, GIAP-ICAC researcher Alexandra Livarda will present her latest multidisciplinary research at the workshop “Society and Environment in Bronze Age Crete. Recent Geoarchaeological Researches”. Organised by ArScAn[…]

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