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Latest publications:

Moudopoulos, F. (ed) 2023. : (Dis)continuities in the High Mountains. Exploring the culture of the mountains. Land+Water publishers. ISBN 9786188688308

Moudopoulos-Athanasiou, F., & Kolovos, E. (2023). Fragments from Ottoman Zagori: Continuity and change in a montane landscape through a local perspective. Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 1-17. doi: 10.1017/byz.2023.24

Messana, C., Tornero, C., Madgwick, R., Lamb, A. L., Evans, J., Colominas, L. (2023). “Between valleys, plateaus, and mountains: unveiling livestock altitudinal mobility in the Iron Age Iberian Peninsula (3rd c. BC) through a multi-isotope approach”, Frontiers in Environmental Archaeology, Volume 2 – 2023.

Colominas, L., Portillo, M., Morera, J. et al. Livestock management at the Late Iron Age site of Baltarga (eastern Pyrenees): an integrated bio-geoarchaeological approach. Archaeol Anthropol Sci 15, 159 (2023).

Berganzo-Besga, I., Orengo, H.A., Lumbreras, F. et al. Curriculum learning-based strategy for low-density archaeological mound detection from historical maps in India and Pakistan. Sci Rep 13, 11257 (2023).

Livarda A., Tzevelekidi V., Veropoulidou R., Marlasca Martín R. 2023 Archaeobotanical and Zooarchaeological (Large Mammal Bone, Shell and Fish Remains) Data from the ‘Palace and Landscape at Palaikastro’ (PALAP) Excavation Project, Crete, Greece. Journal of Open Archaeology Data, 11: 7, pp. 1–5. DOI:

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New book! (Dis)continuities in the High Mountains. Exploring the culture of the mountains

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