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Farewell Rosa and Mar!

After a few months in GIAP (ICAC), Mar and Rosa will say farewell to the archaeozoology team this July. Supervised by Lídia Colominas, she introduced them to the laboratory practices[…]

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Let the harvest begin! Second year of experimental cultivations in Greece

The students of International Hellenic University (IHU), Solon Samiotis and Nektarios Theophanous, collecting barley heads for further analysis. After a long month of meticulous and detailed measurements and observations at[…]

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Centuriated Landscapes in Italy and the Iberian Peninsula

Josep Maria Palet Martínez and Maria Jesús Ortega will be presenting today in the workshop: ‘Centuriated Landscapes in Italy and the Iberian Peninsula‘, organised by the Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut Rome[…]

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