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Second year of successful harvesting in our experimental cultivations in Greece

The team of dedicated IHU and trainee agronomy students that made harvest and threshing possible. ‘Twiggy’ the car also deserves a mention, as the silent hero of the project. A[…]

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Supplying the Roman army? Animal production and consumption in the countryside of north-eastern Iberia  (Can Rubió, la Garrotxa)

New article in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, led by GIAP (ICAC) researcher Lídia Colominas in collaboration with Oriol Olesti (Departament de Ciències de l’Antiguitat i de l’Edat Mitjana.[…]

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We welcome a new postdoc in GIAP! Navjot Kour

This past June, postdoctoral researcher Navjot Kour joined GIAP (ICAC) for the two-year project RIVERINE: Mapping archaeological mounds and long-term socio-ecological transformations in riverine monsoonal plains (Agencia Estatal de Investigación[…]

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