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Latest publications:

Berganzo-Besga, I., Orengo, H.A., Lumbreras, F. et al. Curriculum learning-based strategy for low-density archaeological mound detection from historical maps in India and Pakistan. Sci Rep 13, 11257 (2023).

Livarda, A., Picornell-Gelabert, Ll., Tzevelekidi, V., Veropoulidou, R., Orengo, H.A., Cañellas-Boltà, N., Riera-Mora, S., Marlasca, R., Tsoraki, C., Krahtopoulou, A.,Kriti, A. 2023. Gestió de la dieta i dels recursos naturals a la ciutat minoica de Palaikastro (est de Creta).Tribuna d’Arqueologia 2019-2020.

Garcia-Molsosa, A.Orengo, H.A. & Petrie, C.A. Reconstructing long-term settlement histories on complex alluvial floodplains by integrating historical map analysis and remote-sensing: an archaeological analysis of the landscape of the Indus River Basin. Herit Sci 11, 141 (2023).

Livarda A., Tzevelekidi V., Veropoulidou R., Marlasca Martín R. 2023 Archaeobotanical and Zooarchaeological (Large Mammal Bone, Shell and Fish Remains) Data from the ‘Palace and Landscape at Palaikastro’ (PALAP) Excavation Project, Crete, Greece. Journal of Open Archaeology Data, 11: 7, pp. 1–5. DOI:

Moudopoulos-Athanasiou, F. 2023. A dervish in Zagori: the forgotten materialities of the early moder period. In Plantzos, D. (ed.) The monuments of the Others. Athens: Nefeli. Link to publication

Moudopoulos-Athanasiou, F. 2023. The koulia of Hasani Baba in Zagori and Ottoman Archaeology. In Kolovos, E., Pallis, G., Pangiotis, P (eds.) Ottoman Monuments in Greece: heritages under negotiation. Kapon Publishers, Athens. Link to publication

Messana, C., Tornero, C. & Colominas, L. 2023. Choose what suits you best: reproductive patterns and livestock management in the Iron Age Iberian Peninsula (3rd c. BC).Archaeol Anthropol Sci 15, 56.

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Round table: ‘Primary Resources and Environmental History’

Today, PhD candidate Alexandra Kriti will participate in the round table ‘Primary Resources and Environmental History’, organised by the Hellenic Association of Environmental History, which is taking place at the[…]

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Call for papers CAA2024! S9: Computational methods to study ancient societies, landscapes and riverine systems straddling Asia and Africa

We are pleased to invite you to contribute to our session in the 51st CAA International conference (CAA2024), which will take place in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland (New Zealand) from 8 –[…]

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The Stone Carvings of “Hamko’s Mansion” at Konitsa (NW Greece)

Today, postdoctoral researcher Faidon Moudopoulos-Athanasiou is presenting at Turkologentag 2023 – The Fourth European Convention on Turkic, Ottoman and Turkish Studies, which is taking place in Vienna on the 21-23rd[…]

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