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Latest publications:

Apostolou, G.,  Venieri, K.,  Mayoral, A.,  Dimaki, S.,  Garcia-Molsosa, A.,  Georgiadis, M., &  Orengo, H. A.(2024).  Integrating legacy survey data into GIS-based analysis: The rediscovery of the archaeological landscapes in Grevena (Western Macedonia, Greece). Archaeological Prospection,  1–16.

Diffey C, Emberling G, Bogaard A, Charles M. “Cropping the Margins”: New Evidence for Urban Agriculture at Mid-3rd Millenium B.C.E. Tell Brak, Syria. Iraq. 2024:1-28. doi:10.1017/irq.2023.3

Mayoral, A., Ejarque, A., Garcia-Molsosa, A.Georgiadis, M.Apostolou, G., Gaertner, V., Kallintzi, C., Kefalidou, E., Orengo, H. A city against the current: A reconstruction of Holocene sea-level changes and the evolution of coastal landscapes in ancient Abdera (Thrace, Gr.), CATENA, Volume 235, 2024, 107638, ISSN 0341-8162,

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Latest News

Two New Open Access publications on archaeobotany and organic residue analysis applied to Roman material

This week two papers investigating Roman foodways in the western provinces of the Roman Empire, in the eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula, led by GIAP PhD candidate Theoni Baniou[…]

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Prominent representation of GIAP in the LAC 2024 Conference!

Next week will start the Landscape Archaeology Conference that will take place in Alcará de Henares (Madrid, Spain) from the 10-14th of June. This year’s theme is focused on Human[…]

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Exploring food plants in the Roman Germania provinces: sharing our first results at the Treffen der Arbeitsgruppe Archäobotanik conference

Last week Patricia Vandorpe was in Brandenburg (Germany) presenting her MSCA Project at the yearly conference of the German archaeobotanists «Treffen der Arbeitsgruppe Archäobotanik» from the 31st of May to[…]

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