Category: Mountain archaeology

Engaging the public with hiking and archaeology in the 3rd “Archaeoroutes” series

Last Sunday, an incredible weather joined us in the 3rd ‘Archaeoroute’ of the series, where we were able to enjoy a guided visit by Josep Maria Palet highlighting the areas of archaeological interest around la Coma del Clot (Catalonia). It has been more than 10 years since we started our archaeological work in the natural park of the Ter and…
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Living mountains: latest surveys in the eastern Pyrenees

Archaeological team working in the area of Aparellats (Meranges), where we were able to document a possible phase of occupation related to a circular structure (2500 meters above sea level). Photo: Arnau Carbonell-Puigventós). Since 2018, the archaeological works in the eastern Pyrenees have been centered in the Meranges area (Catalonia), in order to complete the archaeological map of…
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Christmas reflections and ‘bones festes’!

GIAP’s last weekly meeting for 2020 (lacking Iban Berganzo). With all our very best wishes for 2021! Time has flown, in a few days 2020 will be over and just a few days ago we had our final weekly GIAP meeting for the year…although without online drinks and nibbles. We leave these for next year…
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