Cultur-Monts: in favor of knowledge transfer for sustainable development in southwestern Europe

The European project Cultur-Monts, led by GIAP (ICAC-CERCA) with a consortium of ten beneficiary partners from Spain, France, and Portugal, has been approved in the 1st call of the Interreg VI-B Sudoe program (2021-27). The project has a total budget of €1,689,340 and will be implemented over the next 3 years (2024-2026).

The Cultur-Monts project, entitled “Valorización de los paisajes culturales de montaña: un recurso de desarrollo territorial sostenible” has been ranked first in specific objective 4.6, aimed at enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism in the economic development, social inclusion, and social innovation of rural territories in southwestern Europe.

The Cultur-Monts consortium faces the challenge of developing and testing common methodologies for the valorization of mountain cultural landscapes as a development resource, empowering territories, and contributing to transforming local communities through knowledge transfer.

It is a powerful network of academic and scientific institutions working in tandem with local public administrations (municipalities), natural parks, or territorial development entities to ensure the social impact of landscape archaeology research.

Several pilot windows will be opened: in the Massif du Sancy and in the Livradois-Forez Regional Natural Park (Auvergne, France), in Lozère (Occitania), in the Natural Park of the Ter and Freser Headwaters (Ripollès, Catalonia), and in Meranges and Lles (La Cerdanya, Catalonia), in the mountains of Babia (León, Cantabrian Mountains), in Belmonte de Miranda (Principality of Asturias, Cantabrian Mountains), and the Peneda-Gêres National Park (Norte, Portugal).

A consortium comprised of ten beneficiary partners

The beneficiaries of the project are diverse entities linked to research and heritage management:

The project also has a total of twenty-five partners: institutions and public entities that will actively participate in the project development and proposal design:

During March, the Interreg Sudoe Program will hold the official signing ceremony for the FEDER grant agreements. The main beneficiaries of the 34 projects approved in the first call will meet in Santander, the city hosting the Joint Secretariat of the program, to formalize the official start of the projects. At this event, ICAC-CERCA will participate as the main beneficiary of the Cultur-Monts consortium, representing all its members.

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