Author: Lídia Colominas

Open Acces! The exploitation of mountain natural resources during the Iron Age in the Eastern Pyrenees: the case study of production unit G at Tossal de Baltarga (Bellver de Cerdanya, Lleida, Spain)

New paper! Dr. Colominas collaborate in this interesting and media paper on the exploitation of mountain natural resources in the Pyrenees, with researchers from UAB, CSIC and IPHES: Olesti O, Morera J, Oller J, Carrasco JM, Colominas L, Portillo M, Berrocal A, Lopez-Bultó O, Obea L, Tarifa N, Tárraga P, Sisa-López de Pablo J and Messana…
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GIAP researchers in the Computational Application of Archaeology Annual Conference (Auckland 2024)

GIAP researchers participated in the 51st Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology International Conference (CAA), which took place in Auckland (New Zealand) between 8th and 12th of April ( Navjot Kour co-organised the session “Between the Nile and the Brahmaputra: Computational Methods to Study Ancient Societies, Landscapes and Riverine Systems Straddling Asia and Africa”…
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Aristocracy and animals in the Roman residence of els Munts (Tarragona)

This week Lídia Colominas is in Belgrade (Serbia) presenting a collaborative work (ICAC, Bucknell University, UAB) on aristocracy and animals in the Roman residence of els Munts (Tarragona) at the ICAZ- 4th RPWG Conference Abstract: “Aristocracy and animals: A glimpse of human diet and animal and animal products supply systems in the Roman residence…
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