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Research stay and training in high-mountain archaeology and geoarchaeology

We say farewell to PhD candidate Arnau Carbonell-Puigventós! He will be enjoying a 3-month research stay in the University of Trento as part of his PhD, from the 18th of September to the 21st of December 2023. This stay is motivated not only by the possibility of acquiring the title of international doctor, but also to…
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News from the Mongolian steppe: latest campaign sheds further light on nomadic societies and pastoralism 

During late May and June, we conducted new excavation and exploration work in Züünkhangai, as part of the project that aims to investigate Bronze Age nomadic societies and pastoralism in Mongolia.  ZK513: A 4000-Year-Old Winter Camp Still in Use Today The objective of the 2023 archaeological campaign was multifaceted. The team primarily excavated the site…
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New open access paper! New insights into Neolithic livestock practices in high mountain areas

Recent multidisciplinary study in the journal Quaternary International provides new insight into the occupation dynamics of high mountain spaces starting from the Neolithic onwards in the archaeological site of Molleres II. It is the first time that sediment biomarker analyses have been carried out at a Catalan site. Figure 1: Study area location and ortophoto…
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