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Landscapes of Transhumance in Anthraco2023

Tomorrow, postdoctoral researcher Valentina Pescini is presenting in Anthraco2023 – 8th international Anthracology Meeting, which is taking place in Porto (Portugal) from the 29th of August to the 2nd of September, in a joint organization of CIBIO-InBIO-BIOPOLIS and the Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto. Anthraco2023 gathers specialists in charcoal and wood…
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Landscape footprints of peopling and colonisation in the coastal hinterland of Emporion-Emporiae, NE Iberia

Figure by Jordi Montaner. GIAP-ICAC researchers Dr. Josep Maria Palet and Dr. Hèctor A. Orengo recently published, in The Holocene, the latest results on the coastal hinterland of Emporion–Emporiae (NE, Iberia). A collaboration with: Ana Ejarque1, 2, Ramon Julià3, Pere Castanyer4 & Santiago Riera31ISEM, Univ Montpellier, CNRS, IRD, France2GEOLAB, CNRS, Université Clermont Auvergne, France3Seminary of Prehistoric Studies and Research,…
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