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Applied research in Archeology of rituals: two examples

The Master’s in Applied Classical Archaeology, Research and Transfer (URV-ICAC-UAB) is organizing a seminar open to the public on January 16 (16 p.m. CET). A unique opportunity to delve into the archeology of rituals and find out how the ICAC’s new master’s program works. See you there! The activity is coordinated by: Maria Carme Belarte…
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Religious experience at the temple of Epikourean Apollo in Bassae: Virtual Reality technology in the service of archaeoastronomical research

GIAP (ICAC)’s researcher Efrosyni Boutsikas is travelling to Argentina to present in the Oxford XII Conference (ISAAC) and VIII Inter-American Conference on Cultural Astronomy: “Living Skies”, organised by the International Society of Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy (ISAAC) and the Inter-American Society of Astronomy in Culture (SIAC), which takes place in Buenos Aires from October 31st to…
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Meet our new MSCA fellows: Drs. Efrosyni Boutsikas & Charlotte Diffey

Skyscapes, religion, plants and ancient economy are some of the themes to be investigated by the two successful 2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie fellows that will join GIAP. They are two brilliant female researchers: Dr Efrosyni Boutsikas and Dr Charlotte Diffey. Both of them will be working on the Aegean with new technologies, involving loads of…
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