Call for contributions! Special issue: ‘Natural Resource Exploitation in Mountain Environments: New Theoretical and Methodological Approaches’

Call for contributions to the Special Issue in Frontiers in Environmental Archaeology entitled:

Natural Resource Exploitation in Mountain Environments: New Theoretical and Methodological Approaches

Deadline for submission of manuscripts: 28th of June 2023 Extended to 30th September 2023 (previous expression of interest to the guest editors is expected, see emails below). 

Mountain researches of the last five years has seen significant developments in areas related to Archaeology survey, Archaeozoology, Archaeometry, Molecular/Biomolecular Archaeology, Micromorphology or Palaeoenvironment, with the integration of new theoretical/conceptual frameworks and the application of new methodologies. Digital image analysis, ancient environmental DNA or proteins, bulk or compound-specific isotopic analyses and molecular biomarkers such as organic compounds (HAP, miliacin, stanol…), are allowing important advances in the characterization of human activities and practices as well as of landscape changes. These progresses are key to better identify changes in mountain economies. Therefore, at present, the scientific community has a novel dataset that has the potential to yield significant information about the complex exploitation of natural resources in mountain environments, allowing us to rethink our understanding of past human, animal and landscape interactions in these sensitive environments.

With this Research Topic we aim to illustrate how these new theoretical and methodological approaches improve the knowledge about the exploitation of mountain natural resources. Any article type dealing with the following topics in mountain environments over time and space will be welcome:
– Large-scale and micro-regional reconstructions of mountain landscape changes. 
– Animal exploitation, mobility and transhumance.
– Mountain agricultural activities and practices.
– Exploitation of mineral resources.
– Environmental dynamics and fire use.
– Permanent versus short-term mountain occupations.
– Mountain economies.

Guest Editors: 

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