The group keeps growing bigger and better!

picture of drone flying over field

We are celebrating a new GIAP member and three new drone licenses in the team!

With the increasing non-technical workload on all researchers’ shoulders, it is becoming increasingly necessary to rely on specialised support personnel. Aspects such as grant proposals, project and team management, as well as communication and dissemination, are all essential aspects to ensure the quality, sustainability and proper visibility of our research.

Maria Ferrer Bonet

This is why we welcome Maria Ferrer Bonet to the team, who joined us in July as a research assistant. She started her adventure in 2014 in a research group at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, where she was nicknamed “secret weapon”, reflecting her versatile profile. Since then, she has navigated among different research groups and projects (Multicellgenome LabUnite! Network for Innovation, Technology and EngineeringInstitute of Marine SciencesLanguage Evolution Lab), gathering a wide experience on international and interdisciplinary environments.

She will be giving support to GIAP researchers and joining efforts with the local research-support team at ICAC. Welcome Maria!

We also wanted to celebrate that three GIAP researchers, Konstantina Venieri, Arnau Carbonell and Arnau Garcia-Molsosa, recently obtained their pilot licenses after passing their exams of the Greek and Spanish Aerial agencies. Congratulations! Now we count with a total of seven pilots. 

This will allow us to further apply our developing drone-based automatic detection techniques to our different survey sites, including new ones such as Can Terrers in Catalonia (click to read our post about this project) or the Grevena region in Greece. Last year, we visited the Grevena study area for the first time in order to make some first in-field observations and determine the main boundaries of the upcoming surface survey. And this summer, we were glad to be able to come back and continue. We will update you very soon, stay tuned!

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