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Artificial Intelligence and the archaeology of Greek landscapes

Today, 6th Nov 2021 at 13.45 CET, Giannis Apostolou (GIAP-ICAC) presents his latest research in the International Conference of Postgraduate Students of History and Archaeology organised by the International Hellenic University: “INTERPRETING IDENTITIES IN THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN AND THE BLACK SEA” Abstract: Artificial Intelligence and the archaeology of Greek landscapes The rise of Convolutional Neural…
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Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithm Detects Near 10k Archaeological Tumuli in Galicia

Image: detected tumuli in Galicia (Spain): (a) point distribution; (b) heat map. Author: Iban Berganzo. Archaeological tumuli are one of the most common types of archaeological sites and can be found across the globe. This is perhaps why many studies have attempted to develop methods for their automated detection. Their characteristic tumular shape has been…
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Almost 9,000 burial mounds detected in Galicia by Artificial Intelligence

Recently, an article in La Vanguardia highlighted our projects in Galicia (Spain), where we have been using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to automatise the detection of archaeological features, structures and sites. With this post, we wanted to provide insight on this transformative methodology. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being considered the fourth industrial revolution. Derived from engineering…
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