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GIAP participates at the 25th International Conference of the European Association for South Asian Archaeology and Art… in Barcelona! 

From Monday to Friday this week, GIAP (ICAC)’s ongoing research will be well represented at the European Association for South Asian Archaeology and Art (EASAA), starting today at the Ciutadella Campus of the University Pompeu Fabra at the very heart of Barcelona.  EASAA is one of those must-attend conferences for many of us! It has been organized…
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Living mountains: latest surveys in the eastern Pyrenees

Archaeological team working in the area of Aparellats (Meranges), where we were able to document a possible phase of occupation related to a circular structure (2500 meters above sea level). Photo: Arnau Carbonell-Puigventós). Since 2018, the archaeological works in the eastern Pyrenees have been centered in the Meranges area (Catalonia), in order to complete the archaeological map of…
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