Next GIAP Seminar! ‘The plants of Serdica during the Antiquity: preliminary archaeobotanical and anthracological data’

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Feb 23rd, 18h CET

The plants of Serdica (Sofia, Bulgaria) during the Antiquity (2nd c. AD – 6th c. AD): preliminary archaeobotanical and anthracological data

Dr. Mila Andonova-Katsarski
Division of Palaeobotany and Palynology of the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)

Keywords: Archaeobotany, anthracology, Serdica, Roman period, Antiquity, Balkans, urban archaeology

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This talk will present the preliminary archaeobotanical and anthracological data, coming from material obtained from archaeological rescue excavations of ancient Serdica (Sofia, Bulgaria) during the Roman period and the Antiquity (2nd c. AD – 6th c. AD). The studied plant remains are retrieved from two different sectors, excavated in 2019 and 2020, of Serdica – being inside and outside of the ancient city borders. The results, which this talk will outline combine the analysis of vegetal remains coming from flotation samples along with hand-picked wooden remains and being preserved both charred and waterlogged.

About Dr. Mila Andonova:

Leaflet’s background picture: Charred wood image courtesy of Dr. Mila Andonova. Source:

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