Harvest time is approaching! Second year of experimental cultivations in Greece

Final year agronomy students from the International Hellenic University of Thessaloniki , Solonas Samiotis and Nektarios Theofanous are taking PSI measurements from the landrace plots, and inputing data straight to the GIS database.

Last week on the fields was a hard, yet rewarding one!

This year, the contribution of GIAP (ICAC) members Hèctor A. OrengoArnau Garcia Molsosa and Giannis Apostolou, and IT expert Samuel King, made a great difference to our work in the fields! Thanks to their help and expertise, PhD candidate Alexandra Kriti, alongside a cohort of undergraduate students from the International Hellenic University (Greece) under her guidance, was able to digitally input all the measurements and observations registered in the experimental fields, from their android devices to a database, with GIS precision.

GIAP (ICAC) member Giannis Apostolou introducing the final year agronomy students, Alexandros Nousis and Solonas Samiotis, to the drone method for the flight above the experimental cultivations.

Moreover, another drone flight took place, with a successful establishment of DGPS points in the crops to achieve a faster, and more accurate, recording of the plants’ growth. We will now keep monitoring the crops and getting ready for the upcoming harvest season!

The tough yet necessary process of taking DGPS points includes a person – GIAP (ICAC) member Alexandra Kriti, accompanying the equipment!

The project ‘DarkRevisited’ started its innovative experimental cultivations in 2020 at ELGO Demeter in Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece, and in 2022 it is introducing precision experimental-agriculture to the world of archaeobotany!

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