The funerary practice of cremation through the lens of archaeobotany

PhD candidate Alexandra Kriti and Dr. Alexandra Livarda will participate in the TEFRA project’s event “Experimental approaches in archaeology: The funerary practice of cremation” (01-02/04/23), contributing to the experimental pyres through the lens of archaeobotany.

More specifically, they will conduct experimental charring of contemporary grown cereals. Their aim is to investigate the impact of charring on the morphological characteristics of fresh cereal grains, and the effect of cooking accidents on traditionally cooked cereal grains.

TEFRA (The Technology and Bio-anthropology of the Use of Human Remains in the Aegean) is a project of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Research funded by:
· The Aegean ‘Dark Ages’ revisited: a novel approach to old debates on agricultural economy and food culture (DarkRevisited), Spanish ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. Project I+D+i (PID2019-107605GB-100).
· Alexandra Livarda‘s Ramón y Cajal (Agencia Estatal de Investigación, RYC-2017-22105).

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