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EU-PoTaRCh’s 1st General Meeting and Conference

Dr. Valentina Pescini will be attending EU-Potarch’s 1st General Meeting and Conference, as management committee member representing Spain in this COST Action project. The meeting will be held in Prague on 5-7 March, focusing on the cultural heritage and future of non-wood forest byproducts: potash, tar, resin, and charcoal. This event provides members with their…
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Joining forces to protect the cultural heritage of non-timber forest products

On October 3rd, the first meeting of the Management Committee for the ongoing COST Action CA22155, “Network for forest by-products charcoal, resin, tar, potash (EU-PoTaRCh),” took place. During the committee meeting, representatives from 26 European countries selected the Grant Holder Institution, which is the Poznan University of Life Sciences. Currently, the Action unites 130 members from…
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