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Drones don’t fear lava: Remote and ground archaeological survey during the 2021 volcano eruption in La Palma, Canary Islands

“The study of how eruptive events affected past societies and their environment has been a recurrent field of research that has gained relevant insights towards reducing present-day geohazard risks and vulnerability [1, 2, 3]. Archaeological volcanology also has close ties with the so-called “disaster archaeology” [4, 5], which aims at improving our engagement and risk management strategies in response…
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Heritage at risk: remote and ground monitoring of endangered heritage in La Palma volcano eruption

During the past two months, a research team coordinated by Francesc C. Conesa (GIAP-ICAC) and Nuria Álvarez (Benahoarita Archaeological Museum) have been closely monitoring the ongoing volcano eruption at La Palma island in the Canary Islands. They have accessed and surveyed the exclusion area next to the lava flows to map and document Cultural Heritage…
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How new technologies can help extract archaeological information from historical maps

British maps of modern Pakistan (left) and Syria (right) depicting thousands of potential archaeological sites inadvertently, as topographic anomalies; on purpose, using conventional sites or identified using toponymic references. Image credit: Arnau Garcia-Molsosa. New research using Deep Learning to extract archaeological information from collections of maps produced during the European colonization of South Asia and…
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