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Preserving Heritage: The Biyan Tibba Workshop

As an advocate for heritage conservation and community engagement, Navjot Kour and her team held a one-day workshop at the historically rich site of Biyan Tibba, Jammu on 28th November 2023. Biyan Tibba, dating back to the 3rd century BCE, is a treasure trove of historical significance. It was first brought to light by Navjot Kour during…
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Open Access! Breakthrough Algorithms Uncover 6,000 Potential Archaeological Mounds

A new breakthrough publication presents two algorithms for the large-scale automatic detection and instance segmentation of potential archaeological mounds on historical maps, resulting in the detection of nearly 6,000 mound features across an expansive area of 470,500 square kilometers. This remarkable achievement represents the most extensive application of such an approach to date and offers unprecedented…
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