Round table: ‘Primary Resources and Environmental History’

Today, PhD candidate Alexandra Kriti will participate in the round table ‘Primary Resources and Environmental History’, organised by the Hellenic Association of Environmental History, which is taking place at the Historic Archive of the National and Kapodistrian University, Athens, Greece. She was invited to present and discuss her research resources and methods.

Environmental history in Greece still struggles to be recognized as a distinct discipline -with the relevant Association established in March 2022, but with a plethora of researchers and practitioners who are engaging with it for decades.

Environmental history research in Greece has mostly been associated with resources and accounts related to the management and exploitation of natural and/or agricultural resources during modern times. On the other hand, archaeoenvironmental research has been mostly associated with the overview and analysis of prehistoric communities’ diet, feast customs and cultivation regimes.

The round table ‘Primary Resources and Environmental History’ will attempt to bring together researchers from the whole spectrum of environmental research in Greece, with the aim to demonstrate the different ways environmental resources can be utilized to create narratives and histories.

Alexandra Kriti will briefly demonstrate the methods and resources she utilized during the 2 year long cultivation experiments of ‘Dark Revisited’, and will discuss about the importance of collaborating with other disciplines (i.e. Agronomy) and utilizing primary natural resources (i.e. seedbanks) for the exploration of past cultivation regimes and dietary preferences.

The project “DarkRevisited. The Aegean ‘Dark Ages’ revisited: a novel approach to old debates on agricultural economy and food culture” (PID2019-107605GB-I00) funded by MCIN/ AEI /10.13039/501100011033

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