New book chapter! A case study on archaeology and urban development

The archaeological study of urban spaces is crucial to understanding the development of cities and towns and preserving their cultural heritage.

The chapter “Arqueologia i boom immobiliari: el cas de la Plaça Major de Vila-real” (Archaeology and real estate boom: the case of the Plaça Major of Vila-real) by Sergio Badenes-Placencia, PhD candidate in GIAP (ICAC) discusses the relationship between archaeology and urban development using the example of the Plaza Mayor in the town of Vila-real, Spain (Figure 1 above. Picture of the excavation process. Benedito, 2007. Edited by S. Badenes).

Archaeology and the construction boom of the first decade of the 21st century have been intimately related. In the chapter, this connection is analyzed through the excavations of the Plaza Mayor in Vila-real in 2005 on the occasion of the construction of an underground parking lot, which revealed a stratigraphic sequence from the 20th century to the Middle Ages. Subsequently, the remains were completely destroyed, resulting in the disappearance of valuable information for understanding the past of the locality. 

This case highlights the importance of archaeological research in understanding the past and present of urban spaces and the need to balance development with preservation of cultural heritage, and emphasises the importance of collaboration between archaeologists and urban developers in preserving cultural heritage and promoting sustainable development. The author argues that archaeological research can play a crucial role in this collaboration by providing valuable insights into the history and significance of urban spaces.

Full reference:

Badenes-Placencia, S. 2023. Arqueologia i boom immobiliari: el cas de la Plaça Major de Vila-real. Carbonell-Pastor, S. et al. (eds.). Periferias: desde los márgenes de la arqueología. Alicante: Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Arqueología y Patrimonio Histórico (INAPH); Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alicante. (Petracos; 12). p. 189-198. ISBN 978-84-1302-220-8.

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