Next GIAP Seminar: ‘The Inner Ionian Archipelago research: towards a hybrid island archaeology’

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February 24th 18-19h CET

The Inner Ionian Archipelago research: towards a hybrid island archaeology

Prof. Nena Galanidou
Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology at University of Crete
Keywords: Ionian Sea; Island archaeology; Palaeolithic; Landscape Archaeology; Continental Shelf Prehistoric Research; Intensive surface survey; Early Seafaring; Neanderthals; Karstic landscapes

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The seminar presents the University of Crete’s surface survey and excavation work conducted in the Inner Ionian Archipelago and on Lefkas since 2010. The Inner Ionian Sea lends itself to the study of settlement history in small and barren islands and Neanderthal sea crossings in a closed and well protected sea where the destination, the next piece of dry land, was visible and required one to cover relatively small distances by sea. Our research has a strong regional perspective and covers the coast, the islands and the seabed. Beyond terrestrial archaeological fieldwork, mapping the seabed and reconstructing coastline history has been part and parcel of the project. These multi-scalar archaeological and palaeogeographic investigations constitute a hybrid island archaeology that explores the deep history of landscape affordances and changes and the ensuing hominin and human responses.

About Prof. Galanidou:

Nena Galanidou is professor in Prehistoric Archaeology in the University of Crete and director of the Postgraduate Studies Program ‘Ancient Mediterranean World – History and Archaeology’. She holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge (1996) and an MSc in Archaeological Computing from Southampton University (1989). She is an associate editor of the ‘Journal of Greek Archaeology’ and ‘Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry’. She currently works on three thematic areas: the Acheulean, the Middle Palaeolithic ‘mosaic’, and Continental Shelf Prehistoric Research. Spatial Archaeology, Hunter-Gatherer Ethnoarchaeology and Public Archaeology complete the kaleidoscope of her research interests. She has conducted fieldwork in Greece, Croatia and Israel. She directs field research on Lesbos and the Inner Ionian Archipelago, excavating the Lower Palaeolithic Rodafnidia and the Middle Palaeolithic Panthera Cave at Kythros islet, respectively.

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Leaflet’s background picture: Conceptual palaeogeographic model of the Aegean. Map created by Dimitris Sakellariou for Galanidou, N. 2020 DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-37367-2_19.

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