New editor of the journal ‘Environmental Archaeology’

2022 has started with changes for the journal ´Environmental Archaeology: the journal of human palaeoecology´ of the Association of Environmental Archaeology (AEA).

GIAP-ICAC researcher Dr Alexandra Livarda was appointed as the new editor-in-chief of the journal, replacing Dr Tim Mighall, who stepped down after successfully leading the journal for the past eight years. The journal is one of the most important venues where work on all aspects of the interactions between humans and their environment in the archaeological and historical past is published.

Dr. Livarda mentions:

“I am very much looking forward to embarking into this new phase of the journal, and I am committed to keep up the high standards of the published papers that have been fuelling the discipline with new ideas and driving our understanding of our past and present”

In collaboration with the AEA committee, they will be also soon adding new associate editors in a range of fields to respond to the new trends of the discipline. 

About the journal
Environmental Archaeology: The Journal of Human Palaeoecology‘ (EA) of the Association of Environmental Archaeology (AEA) aims to publish contributions on all aspects of environmental archaeology, from methodology to synthesis and theory.

EA is an international peer-reviewed journal, published 6 times a year, that welcomes contributions that consider the interaction between humans and their environment in the archaeological and historical past. This broad scope embraces papers covering a range of environmental specialisms within archaeology, such as archaeobotany, archaeozoology (both vertebrate and invertebrate), palynology, geoarchaeology and biological anthropology, as well as more synthetic and theoretical approaches to the past human environment.