New podcast in National Geographic: the origins of the Indus civilisation

Little is known about the origins of one of the most extense fluvial civilisations of the Bronze Age, the Indus civilisation, which spanned over two millennia in India. A new podcast in National Geographic Historia (in Spanish) covers this topic with the help of Francesc C. Conesa (GIAP) and Juanjo García Granero (Milà i Fontanals Institution for Humanities Research IMF-CSIC), talk about their new research project in the region of Kachchh. The project largely complements the excavations carried out by the University of Kerala in the area, including the unique early Harappan necropolis of Juna Khatiya. A team of GIAP members will contribute with preliminary remote sensing work, regional field surveys and UAV-based mapping. 

Listen to the 15′ podcast (or read the transcript) here:

If you want to learn more, you have a video masterclass (in Spanish), offered also by the leading researchers of this project Francesc and Juanjo, available on Youtube:

Funded by Fundación Palarq: “Kachchh Archaeological Project: trade, pastoralism and the origins of the Indus Civilisation” 01/01/2021 – 31/12/2023

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