Emerging Investigator Award 2019 for GIAP members

Hector A. Orengo (writing this post) and Arnau Garcia-Molsosa were awarded the Emerging Investigator Award 2019 by the Journal of Archaeological Science and the Society for Archaeological Sciences for our paper paper “A brave new world for archaeological survey: Automated machine learning-based potsherd detection using high-resolution drone imagery”

The panel commended the visionary combination of drone-based phtogrammetry, machine learning and parallel computing in an open source environment, with the potential to revolutionise traditional field survey methods.

We are delighted to have been honoured with this price and we thank the Journal of Archaeological Science, the Society for Archaeological Sciences and the members of the panel for what must have been a very tough decision!

The researchers have had the support of the FBBVA, which granted them the competitive BBVA Foundation Grant to Scientific Research Teams in Digital Humanities 2019.

More information about this prize can be found in the following links:

Awarded paper (open access).

Post about the published paper (also available in Castillian and English).

Post about the FBBVA project aimning to extend the published method (also available in Castillian and English) (see also GIAP’s post on 25 March 2020).

Post from the BBVA Foundation (funding current development of the method) on the award.

Podcast interview by the Archaeology Podcast Network about the method.

Journal of Archaeological Science News about the award.

Videoconference interview about the award with the SAS Bulletin Online Editor Carmen Ting.