Call for papers for the new ArcheoLogica Data journal

ArcheoLogica Data is a new annual Open Access journal by the MAPPA Lab at the Department of Civilisations and Forms of Knowledge of the University of Pisa. ArcheoLogica Data aims at publishing original contributions in the form of long (30k-50k characters) or short (7500 characters) papers linked to a dataset.

The main difference between ArcheoLogica Data our well-loved Journal of Open Archaeology Data (JOAD) is that the former publishes papers with datasets while JOAD focusses on data papers describing archaeology datasets with high reuse potential. For example if you want to publish one or more useful datasets from your published PhD or a finished research you can go to JOAD. If, instead, you want to publish a new research that includes one or more datasets then you can submit to ArcheoLogica Data.

There are no publication fees and the data will be stored, accessible, long-term maintained and curated in the Mappa Open Data Archive. All types of archaeological data at diverse processing stages without chronological or territorial limitations are welcome including but not limited to texts, tables, images, videos, 3D models and drawings.

The call for papers for the first issue is now open until June 15. Contributions following the editorial guidelines should be sent to