Call for papers! JIA Lisboa 2023 conference

Two ICAC PhD researchers are organizing a session at the XIV JIA Conference on Archaeological Research (JIA), which will be held in Lisbon next September.

The proposal presented for these Conferences is the intersection between the troubled period in which we currently live – climate change, migration, conflicts, and natural or anthropogenic phenomena – with moments in Prehistory and Human History that dealt with change, revolution, and disruption: ‘In Crisis: the Nature of Humanity’.

“We seek, through the main theme, to address climate change, migrations, conflict scenarios, natural phenomena, epidemics and any proposals that deal with the vast concept of crisis in archaeological terms. To this end, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary studies of events that meet these characteristics from any chronological period and geographic scope will be encouraged.”

ICAC PhD candidates Sergio Badenes (GIAP) and Toni Corrales (MIRMED) are organizing Session 20: Crisis, Change, and Continuity: War, Economy, and Settlement through the Archaeology of the Territory.
¡Deadline for proposals on May 1, 2023!
Presentation Session 20
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