Looking for a PhD contract? Open calls!

Open calls for PhD contracts of the Agencia Estatal de Investigación (AEI)!

Grants for the Training of University Teachers (Ayudas para la formación de profesorado universitario FPU 2022)

Deadline: 15th February

Topics: bioarchaeology and palaeoenvironment, geoarchaeology, survey, archaeomorphological analysis and computational approaches, including GIS, remote sensing and machine learning. More info

Contact: amayoral@icac.cat / jpalet@icac.cat

About the call: https://www.universidades.gob.es/ayudas-para-la-formacion-de-profesorado-universitario-fpu-2022/

Grants for pre-doctoral contracts for the training of doctors FPI 2022 (Ayudas para contratos predoctorales para la formación de doctores FPI 2022)

Deadline: 26th January

The grant is associated to the project TranScapes: “Transported Mediterranean landscapes: diachronic integrated study of socio-environmental interactions and land-use changes at both sides of the Mediterranean”
Topics: Livestock, transhumance, cultural landscape, Roman period, northeast peninsular

Abstract: TranScapes aims to investigate the origin and early development of ancient Mediterranean landscapes through the study of their trans-Mediterranean roots and the impact of colonization, conquest and other processes of cultural influence modulating socio-environmental interactions. It is the logical evolution of GIAPs previous projects and research interests, and it constitutes a significant broadening and deepening of their objectives and methodological approaches. TranScapes will further the analysis of transported cultural landscapes as means for the understanding of trans-Mediterranean cultural and economic links and landscape historical evolution. The study of the territories of two originally Greek cities from the Ionian tribe (Emporion/Emporiae in Catalonia and Abdera in Thrace) and their hinterlands, initiated in previous projects, will be furthered, enlarged and deepened in TranScapes. To do so the project will employ a combination of innovative multi-disciplinary approaches, including archaeomorphology using historical aerial photographs and ancient maps, multitemporal satellite remote sensing, multi-scale and multi-methods survey, bioarchaeological studies (archaeozoology, anthracology, malacology), geoarchaeological investigations, sediment cores drilling in lakes and wetlands, test pits excavation in soils, sites and structures, and multi-proxy palaeoenvironmental analysis of the retrieved sedimentary samples. The latter will include sedimentology, geochemistry, micromorphology, charcoal analysis, palynology, isotopes, lipids and sedimentary DNA analysis, and radiocarbon dating.

Thesis director: Lídia Colominas
Project PIs: Josep Maria Palet and Alfredo Mayoral

About the project: http://icac.cat/en/recerca/projectes-de-recerca/projecte/paisaje-mediterraneos-transportados-estudio-integrado-y-diacronico-de-las-interacciones-socio-ambientales-y-cambios-en-la-ocupacion-del-medio-a-ambos-lados-del-mediterraneo-pid2020-127064nb-i00/

About the call: https://www.aei.gob.es/convocatorias/buscador-convocatorias/ayudas-contratos-predoctorales-formacion-doctoresas-2022