A Journey of Restoration and Musealization

In early 2014, the Aiguafreda town council, in agreement with the parish of Santa Maria and the diocese of Vic, embarked on the project to recover the monumental complex of Aiguafreda de Dalt. This complex, declared a Cultural Property of Local Interest, has traditionally been considered the cradle of the population of Aiguafreda, and its enhancement has been a historical demand of the residents. Documented in writing since 898 AD, the former parish church of Sant Martí d’Aiguafreda, due to the deterioration of the buildings within the monumental complex and its surroundings – included in the Montseny Natural Park – along with the aforementioned demand, prompted the town council to intervene in the complex.

The recovery project for Aiguafreda de Dalt includes historical and archaeological research, the study of pathologies within the built complex, drafting of a usage plan, and overall improvement of the surroundings. The archaeological research has yielded very interesting results, and work continues at a good pace, with the aim of making this fundamental part of our heritage accessible to the population of Aiguafreda and our numerous visitors.

Below are the two links to the Vallès Oriental TV website with the two video reports they have produced, the first more linked to the musealization process (which will include information on the research projects linked to the ICAC), and a second focused on the ongoing archaeological intervention in the central nave of the church:

The GIAP has been involved with projects such as “Cultural Landscapes of Alt Congost (2014-2017),” “Alt Congost between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (2018-2021),” and the current “Pastoralism and exploitation of the natural environment in Western Montseny during the transition from Antiquity to the Medieval world (2022-2025).”

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