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New podcast in National Geographic: the origins of the Indus civilisation

Little is known about the origins of one of the most extense fluvial civilisations of the Bronze Age, the Indus civilisation, which spanned over two millennia in India. A new podcast in National Geographic Historia (in Spanish) covers this topic with the help of Francesc C. Conesa (GIAP) and Juanjo García Granero (Milà i Fontanals…
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GIAP goes to India: a new project investigates the origins of the Indus Civilisation

One of the c. 50 burial chambers excavated so far at Juna Khatiya. Note the mounted structure, which was covered with a sandstone block. Hi, this is Francesc! I’m a postdoctoral fellow at GIAP, and this is my first blog post – just about time! I joined ICAC during the worst months of the pandemic…
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