Category: Archaeosurvey

Long-term analysis of colonial relations in Thrace: the archaeological survey at Abdera and Xanthi 2015–2019 

A new article in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences presents the preliminary results of the Archaeological Project at Abdera and Xanthi (APAX), a systematic regional survey applying intensive pedestrian sample collection conducted in Greek Thrace. This new archaeological programme has investigated different landscape settings in the Xanthi area. Different collection strategies were developed to adapt to…
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Living mountains: latest surveys in the eastern Pyrenees

Archaeological team working in the area of Aparellats (Meranges), where we were able to document a possible phase of occupation related to a circular structure (2500 meters above sea level). Photo: Arnau Carbonell-Puigventós). Since 2018, the archaeological works in the eastern Pyrenees have been centered in the Meranges area (Catalonia), in order to complete the archaeological map of…
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Back to the field!

Giannis Apostolou and Arnau Garcia flying the drone at Empúries Giannis Apostolou, Paloma Aliende and Arnau Garcia-Molsosa reporting: After several months in dry-dock, with work advancing only from our home computers, we can finally retake our aerial surveys! We have really missed the outdoors and the rewards of fieldwork and it is now time for…
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