Aegean archaeology

One of the key areas of research at GIAP is the Aegean. Our work covers the whole Aegean from the north to south and focuses mainly from the Neolithic to the Classic periods. We collaborate with several universities across Europe, the USA and Canada, as well as with local Ephorates.

Our projects cover investigation:

  • at the ‘cradle’ of the Greek Neolithic in Thessaly, where we work on re-evaluating settlement patterns and organisation and contribute to new readings of the period;
  • on the emergence of urbanisation in the Bronze Age of south Aegean, where we address and contribute new assessments to key debates, such as the role of the Mediterranean polyculture in the creation of hierarchical societies;
  • on the Iron Age of the Aegean with the aim to provide much needed new data to achieve novel, robust models on the economy and lifeways of this relatively neglected part of the Aegean history;
  • on colonial landscapes and their agency in the movement of people, technologies and ideas, and their impacts across the Mediterranean.

Our research approach is always multi proxy and multi-disciplinary, designed to fully integrate all research lines towards the investigation of specific research questions. We are also involved in several other projects across the Aegean, (co)-directing parts of their research (e.g. bioarchaeology, landscape, survey).