3D archaeology

We have long experience in 3D reconstructions using a variety of means at various scales: from lidar for the analysis of large areas to photogrametry and laser scanning for the reconstruction of landscapes, buildings, the excavation process, and even centrimetric items and ecofacts.

Several of our projects have developed methods and workflows for 3D recording and 3D information retrieval. We pioneered some of the earliest applications of volumetric recording of excavations, the use of historical aerial photography for the reconstruction of ‘lost’ landscapes and the extraction of microreliefs from drone-based photogrammetry.

We are now experimentig with sucentrimetric 3D reconstructions from which we extract purposedly developed 3D measurements that can be analysed using geometric morphometrics and artifical intelligence. These methods will allow us to extract sociocultural readings from some of the smallest items recovered in archaeological excavations.